About Me


[Tesk ~]$ whoami

My name is Hari Rana. I’m known as TheEvilSkeleton, TheEvilSkely, Skelly, and Tesk. I am an information activist, which means I promote free and accessible information to the general population, like free and open source software, open research, open science, etc. I am 19 years old, and I am very passionate about computers.

In 2018, I switched to GNU/Linux from Windows 10 due to its lack of stability and corporate monopoly. The GNU/Linux distribution was Ubuntu, and it was my first time using it as my main operating system (OS). During those short years of experience, I have learned a lot more about computers than I have ever before I started playing around with Linux, from programming, to version control, system administration, free and open source software, tweaking, security hardening, and many more. I was always passionate about computers and technologies, but unfortunately I wasn’t lucky enough to know a person physically around me that I can learn from, so I was stuck with self-teaching. Despite Windows 10 has become stabler over the past few major releases, I am not planning to switch back to it anytime soon.

Not only I am passionate about computers, I am also passionate about free and accessible information. Currently, I am focusing on promoting, supporting and contributing to free and open-source software, since most of my knowledge is about software development. I also try to get involved in right to repair, since I am very interested in repairing my devices on the hardware side. I spend my time to contribute in free and open source software, especially in the GNU/Linux desktop. I submit merge requests to projects when I can, I maintain some Flatpak packages, I open issues whenever I encounter an issue, or have suggestions, I simply use open source alternatives to proprietary services whenever I can, etc.

Besides computers and technologies, I love talent. I love to watch videos of people beatboxing. My personal favorite beat boxer is currently Verbalase. I also enjoy watching stealth kill montages from StealthGamerBR. Whenever I feel down, I watch people saving others’ lives. I watch Hope For Paws and Animal Aid Unlimited India whenever I am in this situation. It’s very refreshing to watch people contribute a lot in the world when you feel like there is nothing you can do. Instead, we can take inspiration from them and be the heros together!